​ To be an established, reliable, and distinguished cultural and modern art gallery accessible to and by everyone providing variety of products under one roof, and to foster creativity and critical thinking.


​ The Golden Eagle Art Gallery exists to promote cultural art heritage to the world by engaging into the original works of art and provide a variety of art products consistently.

About us

​ The Golden Eagle Art Gallery is a Kenyan community based art gallery pioneered by Mr. Sebastian M. Mutinda to provide a variety of cultural arts and artistic products to our esteemed buyers, as well as promote and encourage creativity, and authenticity of art works. Our art work is inspired by nature, culture, creativity, innovation, and turning imaginations into reality.These arts include sculptures, African attires, jewelries, antiquities, paintings and much more. The existence of Golden Eagle Art Gallery was informed by the fact that ideas and emotions are best expressed in arts hence we took the responsibility to promote and consistently avail variety of art products to both the local and the international buyers. We bring the artistic nature closer to the hearts of people and within their reach at any given time. We are a One-stop shop of innovative, authentic, quality, variety and affordable arts products at all time. Our artists are well: experienced, skilled, knowledgeable, innovative, and well-equipped in art work while on the other hand our sales persons are well conversant with the products and their work, hence making our services and products stand out in the industry.

Why us

​ The Golden Eagle Art Gallery is a committed, reliable, and a visionary art gallery with a wealth of experience and a skilled team of staffs, committed to creativity and determined for the satisfaction of customers. We are dedicated to providing a variety of products to all our customers and ensure that everybody have their own unique share in the art industry. Our quality products are never an accident, they are always the results of high intention, and skillful execution of tasks; they are the wise choice of many alternatives. Our delight is in the satisfaction of our customers/ clients.